What is The Method
The Information Mapping® method (The Method™) is a systematic approach for writing and organizing information more effectively.

Unlike traditional writing, The Method
  • is based on research into how the human mind actually reads, processes, remembers, and retrieves information, and
  • provides an integrated set of easy-to-learn guidelines, techniques, and standards for
    • analyzing user needs
    • organizing information into small manageable units that can be easily maintained and reused, and
    • labeling and presenting information clearly so it is easy for users to find and understand.
How The Method can help
Both individuals and leading organizations worldwide have been using The Method for over 40 years to
  • write in plain language
  • capture employee knowledge and best practices
  • streamline content creation and management
  • improve operating efficiency and performance, and
  • get compliance documentation under control.

The Method works with any type of communication, in any industry, in any language, and in any media.
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